Residential Electrical Services


Children and electricity don't make a good combination. Small children's inherent curiosity and explorations can result in shocks and burns. Each year, approximately 2,400 children suffer severe shock and burns when they stick items into the slots of electrical receptacles.

The 2008 National Electric Code (NEC) stipulates that new and renovated dwellings should have tamper resistant outlets (also called tamper resistant receptacles, TROs and child safety outlets).  Home and property owners in Dallas,Texas should install tamper resistant outlets. Regardless of whether you have children in in your residence, tamper resistant receptacles are required. Even if you don't have children living with you at the moment, friends or relatives may visit with small children.

In years past, receptacle caps were used to protect outlets. These caps were proven insufficient in protecting curious and determined children who can easily remove them. In addition, the removed caps or covers became a choking hazard.  In 2006 alone, about 1,800 children under the age of 14 received treatment at a hospital due to electric shock from an electrical outlet.

A tamper resistant outlet looks and function like a regular outlet with an adds safety feature that helps protect small children from electrical shocks and burns. The new outlets have spring loaded shutters that close of the contact opening when not in use. Because both springs must be compressed at the same time in order for the outlet to be used, the shutters will not open and prevent a child's intent to insert a foreign object into an opening.

An AMPs technician can replace your existing outlets which modern, tamper-resistant outlets.